She worked on a yacht in the Caribbean. A job that was supposed to last a month. But the family who hired her, at the last minute when their chef fell ill decided to keep her on board. That’s when Dutch born Annemarie found herself in NYC with a family that entertained at least 3 times a week. For the next 15 years Annemarie honed her skills. She began teaching cooking classes and opened a catering firm in 1996 NY. In 2005 she was recruited for a 2 month job at a guest house near Cape Town, SA.

Following South Africa Annemarie was asked to cater a wedding on the luxury island of Roatan,Honduras in 2007.  Three month later she returned to Roatan as a Food and Beverage consultant and launched the opening of a resort.  It was not hard to become the 2 miles wide islands celebrity chef within a few weeks. She wore many hats on Roatan and was booked from wedding planner to personal chef.  She stayed on Roatan for 2 years while regularly flying back to NY at clients request to prepare dinner parties in private homes for the movers and shakers and well known for over a decade. From Hillary Clinton, Bobby Kennedy, to the Rockefeller’s Annemarie has treated her exclusive clients to her critical acclaimed mix of French, Asian, Moroccan and Mediterranean foods. Upon return from Roatan Annemarie solld her apartment in  Manhattan and moved to Rhinebeck.

She is now available to be your chef for a weekend dinner party!