2013 at a 100 Miles

loxMy first meal in the  New Year  Jan 1 , 2013 was once again a most amazing bagel with cream cheese and lox. A  personal tradition I look forward to each Jan 1. Bagels freshly baked at the local bakery and the smoked salmon flown in all the way from Alaska. No  better way to start the year. But wait a minute:  My new years resolution is to follow the 100 mile food movement !! Harder to do than one  thinks.  Capers from Italy on day one.  Alaska is more than 1000 miles away. Now I better get a grip!  No smoked salmon in  2014 Annemarie.  Unless I catch the salmon in the Hudson river maybe and learn to smoke the fish real fast too. Where to grow a lemon at 7 degrees F I do not know.

Only a week ago last year I had made myself a simple fast pasta which consisted of imported, parmesan cheese, mascarpone, pasta, olive oil and garlic. Only the cauliflower and red beet greens where local. I just take it for granted I can buy anything I like from all over the world without thinking much about it.  Five of the 7 ingredients from another continent altogether. So let’s go local I say.  I’ve always tried to get as much local food where ever I am but there are times I get lazy about it.

New Years eve started of well. I was invited to my friend’s home who upon arrival where shucking blue point oysters a guest had brought  from 50 miles away Connecticut. The main course was a local grass-fed rib roasted and simmering in the oven for 8 hours. Home made whole wheat pasta in the most amazing broth and an all local most fabulous looking and tasting winter salad to go with it. Here I come with my chocolate mousse with Imported Belgian chocolate . At least the cream I used  was local. The host had preserved cherries from the area and they made a Sacher torte new age look. Just all local Hudson Valley for the most part. And it was outstanding.

add tomato sauceToday Day 3 into 2013   with not much effort I made myself an all local stew of beans with seasonal vegetables. Fennel, carrots, red onions and dried beans cooked to perfection. I had a lot of home-made tomato sauce frozen from local tomatoes this summer so it was a no brainer.  Vegetarian too. Though I am not ready to become a vegetarian yet.

To mother earth I promise I will do my best to keep  up cooking with ingredients found within a 100 mile radius of any home I live in and harvested with care as well.

I’ll stay with  Farm to Table dinners and any requests outside the 100 mile area  my clients have as long it’s not marshmallows on a baked sweet potato. For the rest  they need not worry that all they’ll get is a pot o’ beans.

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2 Responses to 2013 at a 100 Miles

  1. Rachele says:

    You could make your own gravlax….though, unless you want to go to Pulaski,NY and catch your own salmon, you would still have to buy the salmon. Even dried beans aren’t necessarily local. I think the worse part of our food problem lies in us demanding foods that are out of season, thus making it necessary to import fresh foods long distances. Somehow I don’t feel terribly guilty about using imported cheeses or certain preserved foods. Add in local grown meats, other dairy products and eat in season or can and/or freeze local vegetables and fruits, make your own bread and other baked goods (you used to be able to buy locally ground flour in Tuttletown at the mill there) and you should be a little less guilty about where your food comes from. You don’t need strawberries from California in the middle of winter if you picked them in June and froze them.

    • Annemarie says:

      Thanks Rochelle for your remarks. I love making gravlax. Why not. I use local cheeses for the most part. In the end it’s all about the effort to stay as local and as you say in season when ever possible.

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