Traveling chef back on Roatan.

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The day of my departure from NY 8 days ago I was still hanging in an elderberry tree. The berries where ready a month too soon. If I missed picking them I would not be able to make elderberry vinegar and syrup to keep the cold away this coming winter. I dropped a few things I needed to do and picked the tree clean. Next thing I headed for the airport. It was quite a rush but t’is the season and nature does not wait.

I’ve been on Roatan for 8 days now and Island time only kicked in today. It’s been a busy week getting organized and lots of fun cooking at Earth Mamas as a guest chef this past Friday. The menu was based on mostly local products once again.

I seem to never be taken directly to my place of stay when I arrive  at the airport…

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4 Responses to Traveling chef back on Roatan.

  1. stasja says:

    I want to learn more about the intriguing ‘ Earth Mama”. Who is she? A club, a restaurant, a shop? A herbal woman? Or would that come down to advertisement?

  2. Annemarie says:

    Hi Stasja, I forget once I land on Roatan Island there is a different world out there and people from Amsterdam and NY or in between haven’t a clue what I am referring to.
    Earth Mamas is the cutest restaurant in West End Roatan, Honduras. You can do yoga there and have the best breakfast or lunch on the island. Excellent huge smoothies. It is owned by Kim Woods. If you google Earth Mamas Roatan you’ll see picutres. I can take some for you too too when the sun is out. Will post them later this week.

  3. roatan tours says:

    Welcome back to the beautiful island of roatan.
    by the way nice photo. roatan tours

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