Traveling chef stays home

ImageSo much to do .

I  stayed home for very good reasons! Here in  Dutchess county there is suddenly so little time. In one week the garden has been fully planted. Thanks to my brother who gave me this car load of plants for my garden. And thanks to the help of my closest childhood friend who flew out from Amsterdam  just to dig in my garden. Be my guest dear, dig away! She planted I baked a cake.  She planted some more I cooked lots of goodies. ImageRain or shine . It was just like our childhood days when we where shoveling at my friends  parents farm in Oirschot, The Netherlands. Here we are in Rhinebeck  NY doing exactly the same all over 34 years later. I had already started with lettuce which unfortunately the day after her departure shot up and is now  2 days away from eating.

ImageIt promises to be a much better garden from 1 year ago when I first moved here. I did everything wrong then.  This year I plan to have lots of chervil, spinach, Batavian endive, Lavas. Yes all of those seeds came out of my friends suitcase which seemed more like a treasure trove. They are already sprouting up.

In the midst of visitors I continue  making flower essences  and so much more.  Yes below you see my cat who helps me with the essences I just finished.  She sticks her nose in each flower essence  for approval. Healing with flowers is our thing , my Carotte and me. Joint efforts there too. I got a lot up my sleeve you never knew about don’t I?ImageNext thing you know we are off to NYC for a dinner party I am preparing in a gallery. We is my friend again who at the same time needs to catch a flight back  to Schiphol.  Pitstop Highline which is designed by a Dutch guy and so special. But I need to start cooking so we walk down the high line right into Chelsea. Of I am in heaven.

Art and food= Me at my best.

What you see below are pieces of PVC pipes which I got at the hardware store. Williams Lumber in Rhinebeck. They would not cut it for me at Williams lumber which we thought was really not nice.   My dear childhood friend from Amsterdam came to the rescue like she always does.  She chopped the pieces all up as I needed them to make those towers for the Gallery “Green Works”. ( Go see the show as well)  Green does work and is not only edible.

ImageThe week is up.  I squeeze in a mosquito repellant oil from the plantain I find every where  of prior to crashing for a good nights rest. Great book in hand.  For those who read Dutch. Isis  by Hans Dekkers is it!

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