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A Moroccan Feast with Local Farm to Table Delights

The secret underground dining club’s menu was a hit. For those not present unfortunately  all which was said, when it took place  and  all who  attended remains underground. The menu however I will gladly share in all it’s glory. You will find it  on the recipe … Continue reading

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My mother’s tart tatin

My mom was famous for her Tart Tatin which she made often during apple season in The Netherlands. It was the best in town. Frankly I always thought it was the only one in town as we where living in the North where not a Dutch … Continue reading

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A fight with black walnuts

Off to an apple tasting tour these  past 2 weeks. I buy an apple here an apple there at various farmers markets. Montgomery farm still my favorite on the edge of Rhinebeck  has 60 apple varieties.  Most often I go there for my tastings. Out of 60 … Continue reading

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Just recipes

A few mishaps this week which stopped me in my track. First the fridge seized to work. Without a fridge it’s not easy to cook. Getting a new one was not a problem. Getting it here was.  But it just … Continue reading

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